The Planetarium Experience at

Cuatro Ciénegas, Mexico

November 11th and 12th, the portable planetarium show was set up and presented to the children and townspeople of Cuatro Ciénegas and surrounding communities. Bob and Janet Siefert and Grandmother Doris drove the van and met several of the UNAM students as well as dear friends Valeria Souza and Luis Eguiarte in the town with the on-loan planetarium from the Houston Museum of Natural History..

Over 500 students and adults watched, amidst bravos and oohs and ahhs, over the two days!!!

Two shows were offered: Fantasy Worlds and Earth's Wild Ride, both translated in Spanish by Dr. Maia Larios Sanz.

While we were the ones who were priveledged to physically bring the full dome experience to Cuatro Ciénegas, the true motivators and enablers of this opportunity are the following:
Dr. George Fox - it was his insight that planetarium shows in Spanish was a must-do! It was his insight that these should be offered to Cuator Ciénegas.
Dr. Maia Larios-Sanz - she did all the translations as well as all the voices. It was unanimous, the kids want to meet the "star".
Dr. Valeria Souza - chica, amiga extrodinare, responsible for all the communication and planning of actually getting the show on the road. Hubby, Luis Eguiarte was the photographer and chronicler of the event.
Maestro Juan Torres, Minister of Education - for his enthusiasm, coordination of transportation, and a beautiful venue for the event, the Cultural Center.
Dr. Pat Reiff - wouldn't have happened without her!
Dr. Carolyn Sumners and Tara Oakes- so many thanks to both and HMNS.
Special thanks to NASA Astrobiology for funding!

Many of you know of the recent of loss of our eldest son, Jake. We found out something. When your heart is sore from sadness, the most soothing balm is to see joy in the face of others. We sincerely thank each and everyone of those people listed above as well as the citizens and children of Cuatro Ciénegas, for easing our sadness, because the joy on little faces and glittering eyes was a precious gift to us during this time...not to mention the tranquility of the desert oasis and paradise that is Cuatro Ciénegas.

Enjoy the pics below!