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Official Departmental Technical Reports

TR476-131-1Nonparametric Probability Density Estimation by Optimization Theoretic TechniquesD.W. Scott
TR85-3A Note on Choices of Bivariate Histogram Bin Shape
(pub: Journal of Official Statistics, v.4, pp. 47-51, 1988.)
D. W. Scott
TR85-7Projection Pursuit via Multivariate Histograms G. R. Terrell
TR86-2Pearson's Rule for Sample Medians G. R. Terrell
TR86-5Histogram Estimators of Bivariate Densities J. Heusemann
TR86-17On the Chi-Squaredness of the Quadration Form y'VyR. Schall, T. Dunne
TR86-19A Stochastic Model Providing a Rationale for Adjuvant ChemotherapyJ.R. Thompson, B. Brown
TR86-20SIMEST: An Algorithm for Simulation Based Estimation of Parameters Characterizing a Stochastic Process
(pub: Cancer Modeling, pp. 387-415, 1987.)
J.R. Thompson, E.N. Atkinson, B. Brown
TR86-22Weighted Least Squares Estimators on the Frequency Domain for the Parameters of a Time Series
(pub: The Annals of Statistics, v.16, pp. 1315-1326, 1988.)
S.-T. Chiu
TR86-23Detecting Periodic Components in a White Gaussian Time SeriesS.-T. Chiu
TR86-25A Model Based Examination of AIDS: Its Causes and Probable CourseJ.R. Thompson
TR87-1AIDS: Old Disease, New Society J.R. Thompson
TR311-87-1Software for Univariate and Bivariate Averaged Shifted HistogramsD.W. Scott
STR87-1A Feature Preserving Smoother with Application to Coal-Mining Disaster Data of BritainS.-T. Chiu
STR-87-2Biased and Unbiased Cross-Validation in Density Estimation
(pub: Journal of the American Statistical Association, v.82, pp. 1131-1146, 1987.)
D.W. Scott, G.R. Terrell
TR87-2Robust Estimation of Parameter of the Spectrum of a Time Series Containing Periodic ComponentsS.-T. Chiu
TR87-3Testing the Periodic Components in a Time Series S.-T. Chiu
TR87-4Estimating Noise SpectrumS.-T. Chiu
TR88-1 AIDS: The Mismanagement of an Epidemic
(pub: Computers Math. Applic., v.18, pp. 965-972, 1989.)
J.R. Thompson
TR88-2Calibrating Histograms with Application to Economic Data
(pub: see TR88-5)
D.W. Scott, H.-P. Schmitz
TR88-3A Note of Choice Bivariate Histogram Bin Shape
(pub: See TR85-3)
D.W. Scott
TR88-4A Linear Estimation Procedure for the Parameters of Autoregressive-Moving Average Processes
(pub: Journal of Time Series Analysis, v.12, pp. 315-327, 1991.)
S.-T. Chiu
TR88-5Calibrating Histograms with Application to Economic Data
(pub: Semiparametric and Nonparametric Economics, pp. 33-46, 1989.)
D.W. Scott
TR88-6Bandwidth Selection for Nonparametric Regression: A Fourier Analysis ApproachS.-T. Chiu
TR88-7Interactive Multivariate Density Estimation in the S Language
(pub: Computer Science and Statistics: Proceedings of the 20th Symposium on the Interface, pp. 241-245, 1988.)
D.W. Scott, M.R. Hall
TR87-8-311Software for Cross-Validation of Density D.W. Scott
TR89-1 On the Consistency of the Global Minimizer of Mallow's Criterion for Nonparametric Regression
(pub: Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, v.27, pp. 223-230, 1991.)
S.-T. Chiu
TR89-2On the Asymptotic Distribution of Bandwidth Estimates
(pub: The Annals of Statistics, v.18, pp. 1696-1711, 1990.)
S.-T. Chiu
TR89-3Beyond Histograms: Average Shifted Histograms J.D. Austin, D.W. Scott
TR89-4A Review of the The New S Language
(pub: Technometrics, v.32, pp. 103-104, 1990.)
D.W. Scott
TR89-5Some Stabilized Bandwidth Selectors for Nonparametric RegressionS.-T. Chiu
TR89-6AIDS: Modeling the Mature Epidemic in the American Gay Community (Updated Version TR90-4)J.R. Thompson, K.W. Go
TR89-7SIMEST: A Technique for Model Aggregation with Considerations of Chaos
(pub: Mathematical Population Dynamics, pp. 483-510, 1991.)
J.R. Thompson, D.N. Stivers
TR89-8Statistics in Motion: Where is it Going?
(pub: ASA Proceedings of Statistical Graphics Section, pp. 17-22, 1989.)
D.W. Scott
TR90-1 SIMEST: A Technique for Model Aggregation with Considerations of Chaos
(pub: See TR89-7)
J.R. Thompson, D.N. Stivers, K.B. Ensor
TR90-2On Estimation and Visualization of Higher Dimensional Surfaces
(pub: Computing and Graphics in Statistics, pp. 187-205, 1991.)
D.W. Scott
TR90-3Feasibility of Multivariate Density Estimates
pub: Biometrika, v.78, pp. 197-205, 1991.)
D.W. Scott, M.P. Wand
TR90-4AIDS: Modeling the Mature Epidemic in the Gay Community
(pub: Mathematical Population Dynamics, pp. 371-379, 1991.)
J.R. Thompson, K.W. Go
TR90-5Smoothing by Weighted Averaging of Rounded Points
(pub: Computational Statistics Quarterly, v.7, pp. 97-128, 1992.)
W.K. Härdle, D.W. Scott
TR90-6A Nonparametric Density Estimation Based Resampling Algorithm
(pub: Exploring the Limits of Bootstrap, pp. 397-403, 1992.)
M.D. Taylor, J.R. Thompson
TR90-7Variable Kernel Density Estimation
(pub: see TR91-11)
G. Terrell, D.W. Scott
TR90-8On Autoregressive Model Selection and Estimation K.B. Ensor
TR91-1 Process Control for Quality J.R. Thompson
TR91-2A Bandwidth Selector for Bivariate Kernel Regression E. Herrmann, M. Wand, J. Engel, T. Gasser
TR91-3Exact Mean Integrated Squared Error
(pub: The Annals of Statistics, v.20, pp. 712-736, 1992.)
J.S. Marron, M.P. Wand
TR91-5Visualization of Low Dimensional Statistical Data D.W. Scott
TR91-6Error Analysis for General Multivariate Kernel Estimators
(pub: Journal of Nonparametric Statistics, v.2, pp. 1-15, 1992.)
M.P. Wand
TR91-7Comparison of Smoothing Parameterizations in Bivariate Kernel Density Estimation
(pub: Journal of the American Statistical Association, v.88, pp. 520-528, 1993.)
M.P. Wand, M.C. Jones
TR91-8Exact Mean Integrated Squared Error for Some Non-Gaussian Deconvolution ProblemsM.P. Wand
TR91-9On the Feasibility of Deconvolving Density Estimators M.P. Wand
TR91-10Assessing and Improving the Flexibility of the Kernel Density EstimatorM.P. Wand
TR91-11Variable Kernel Density Estimation
(pub: The Annals of Statistics, v.20, pp. 1236-1265, 1992.)
G. Terrell, D. Scott
TR92-1 A Time-Contiuous Branching Process Model of Unstable Gene AmplificationM. Kimmel, D. Stivers
TR92-2How Easy is a Given Density to Estimate?
(pub: Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, v.16, pp. 311-323, 1993.)
L. Devroye, M.P. Wand
TR92-3The L1 Method for Robust Nonparametric Regression
(pub: Journal of the American Statistical Association, v.89, pp. 65-76, 1994.)
D. Scott, F. Wang
TR92-4Multivariate Locally Weighted Least Squares Regression
(pub: The Annals of Statistics, v.22, pp. 1346-1370, 1994.)
D. Ruppert, M.P. Wand
TR92-5Simulation Based Estimation for Birth and Death ProcessesK. Ensor, E. Bridges, M. Lawera
TR92-6Gene Amplification by Unequal Sister Chromatid Exchange: Probabilisitc Modeling and Analysis of Drug Resistance Data
(pub: Journal of Theoretical Biology, v.168, pp. 151-159, 1994)
Axelrod, Baggerly, Kimmel
TR92-7The Mode Tree: A Tool for Visualization of Nonparametric Density Features
(pub: Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, v.2, pp. 51-68, 1993.)
M.C. Minnotte, D.W. Scott
TR92-8Constrained Oversmoothing and Upper Bounds on Smoothing Parameters in Regression and Density EstimationD.W. Scott
TR92-9A Parallelized, Simulation Based Algorithm for Parameter Estimation
(pub: Proceedings of the Thirty-Eighth Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research Development and Testing, pp. 321-341, 1993.)
M.L. Lawera, J. R. Thompson
TR92-10Cross-Validation of Multivariate Densities
(pub: Journal of the American Statistical Association, v.89, pp. 807-817, 1994.)
S.R. Sain, K.A. Baggerly, D.W. Scott
TR92-11A Test of Mode Existence with Applications to MultimodalityM.C. Minnotte
TR92-12Ozone and Air Quality in Houston, 1980-1990
(pub: ASA Proceedings of Statistical Graphics Section, pp. 39-48, 1992.)
K. B. Ensor, S. R. Sain, D. W. Scott
TR92-13Statistical Methods of Risk Assessment for Continuous Variables
(pub: Communications in Statistics, Part A--Theory and Methods, v.22, pp. 3363-3376, 1993.)
R. W. West, R. L. Kodell
TR92-14Model Selection in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
(pub: Communications in Statistics, Part A--Theory and Methods, v.22, pp. 3419-3434, 1993.)
K. B. Ensor, J. E. Ensor
TR93-1 Data Interpolation for Ambient Ozone Measurements in HoustonM. McGee
TR93-2Some Problems of Estimation and Testing in Multivariate Statistical Process Control
(pub: Proceedings of the Thirty-Eighth Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research Development and Testing, pp. 99-126, 1993.)
M. Lawera, J. R. Thompson
TR93-3Searching for the Top Quark Using Multivariate Density EstimatesLasse Hölmstrom, Stephan Sain
TR94-1 A New Series of Supersaturated Designs M. Ehm, M. Elliott, M. McGee
TR94-2Adaptive Kernel Density Estimation Sain
TR95-1 Visualizing Ambient OzoneK. Ensor, D. Cox
TR95-4A Bayesian Pareto Analysis for System Optimization
(pub: Proceedings of the First Annual U.S. Army Conference on Applied Statistics, pp. 71-83, 1996.)
J. R. Thompson, R. D. Walsh
TR95-5SPC and the StatisticianJ. R. Thompson, J. Koronacki
TR96-1 The United States AIDS Epidemic in First World Context
(pub: Mathematical Population Dynamics, to appear, 1996.)
J.R. Thompson
TR96-2Data Analysis Without Models, Modeling Without Data J.R. Thompson
TR96-3 A Statistical Method for Tuning a Computer Code to a Data BaseD. Cox, J.S. Park, C.E. Singer
TR96-4 The Role of Nondetects in Statistical Analysis M. Sifford
TR96-5Best Unbiased Prediction for Gaussian and Log-Gaussian ProcessesD. Cox
TR96-6 Spatial Sampling and the Enviroment: Report on a WorkshopD. Cox, K. Ensor
TR96-7 Another Look at the Additive Constant Problem in Multidimensional ScalingM. Trosset, K. Baggerly, K. Pearl
TR97-1 Criminal Law and Statistical Hypothesis Testing M. Trosset

Published Papers

Unpublished Papers

1997 Simulating the Maximum of a Random Walk K. Ensor, P. Glynn
1996 Estimation of Contaminant Concentration in Ground Water using a Stochastic Flow and Transport Model E. Hauschel, K. Ensor, D. Cox, H. Rifai

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