Conferences: Fotos

Summer School on Fractals, 1992, Valencia (Spain)

? ImreJanosi RR ? ? MatthiasArbeiter MariaPons ? ? ?

Mandelbrot's group at Yale, 1994, New Haven (Connecticut)

Alessandro Maria Benoit R Renata Henry Hang

Gordon's Conference on Fractals, 1994, San Miniato (Italy)

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Gordon's Conference on Fractals, 1996, New England College (New Hampshire) [Names]

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Gordon's Conference on Fractals, 1998, Il Ciocco (Italy) [Names]

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Conference on Fractal Geometry and Stochastics II, 1998, Usedom (Berlin, Germany)

with Peyriere (middle) and Kahane

Conference on Stochastic Networks, 2000 Madison (Wisconsin)

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Workshop on Computational Statistics, 2005 Hailuoto (Finland)

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