January 14, 2004 Stat 600

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There are 14 students enrolled.

I. Weeks 1-3
(assignments at bottom of this file)

We will have five 10-minute presentations of Stat 280 material on the blackboard.
You should assume that the "students" have already learned all prior material in the book.
14 presentations total

Dr. Riedi will give #15 about "how to give a bad talk
(see also D. Patterson's web page for useful advice)

II. Weeks 4-7
We will have three 15-minute presentations from the "Breakthroughs in Statistics" series.
12 presentations total (Mr. Han and Mr. Lee excluded)

III Weeks 8-14
We will have two 25-minute research presentations from journal papers, personal research, or monographs.
You should choose these in consultation with us.
14 presentations total

Part I material comes from the 4th edition of "Introduction to the Practice of Statistics" by David Moore and George McCabe.

Leticia has desk copies in the office. Make copies of your pages and return, since we do not have 14 copies.
\You should strive for clarity (and inspiration) and can work examples if you wish to use a portion of your time in that manner.

Note that there is a constant danger even for the advanced teacher to pack in too much material.
We recommend you concentrate on as few points "to bring across" as possible. You should practice try to get the timing right.