Situated in the North-East of Switzerland
my home town St.Gallen
looks back on a rich tradition in reading.
No wonder I was sent to school against well founded protests
Despite of other interests... ...

...I studied at the ETH Zurich
From my first day's impression I recovered soon ,
learning about all the fun to be had in downtown (free translation of `Niederdorf').
Finding the right balance in this difficult setting
I submitted a thesis.

Recurrence , fractals
and self-similarity ,
led me to Benoit Mandelbrot and Yale where it was about lots of books again... and a place to keep equilibrium.

Becoming interested in self-similar processes, I flew a `stable motion' back to Europe, actually to
INRIA and Paris
the ultimate place of distraction where time is a more flexible concept .

Indicating strong `long term correlations' my walk through life has brought me back to the States and to
Rice Univerity, a competitive, fun place.

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