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Biostatistics Section

Session Slot: Sunday, 4:30 - 7:00

AudioVisual Request: None

Invited Poster Title: The Concordance Correlation Curve

Lombard, Carl J.,   ASA

Address: Centre for Epidemiological Research in South Africa, Medical Research Council, P O Box 19070, Tygerberg 7505, Cape Town, South Africa

Phone: 27-021-9380328

Fax: 27-021-9380310


Abstract: The concordance correlation coefficient was developed as an index of reproducibility in studies or as an index to assess agreement in methods comparison. The index consists of an accuracy and precision component and the latter is measured by the ordinary Pearson correlation coefficient. The Pearson correlation coefficient has been generalized to the case of nonlinear hetroscedastic regression in the form of a correlation curve. This correlation curve provides a local measure of association over the range of covariate values. The concordance correlation curve is based on this approach and provides a measure of local concordance. The index will be illustrated with the comparison of two methods for the measurement of sperm morphology.

Theme Session: No

Applied Session: Yes

David Scott