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Careers for the M.Stat Graduate

Rice's Professional Master in Statistics (M.Stat) graduates are employed in a wide range of industries and positions. It is the responsibility of the M.Stat student to obtain their own employment. We assist in counseling, arranging for companies to have demand for the M.Stat student, and we also have a seasoned career services organization at Rice. We will assist as specific opportunities become available and we will pass along any requests that we receive from companies. One of our primary points of focus in managing the M.Stat program is developing a group of employers who are interested in hiring M.Stat students, especially those in the biostatistics/bioinformatics, environmental, finance, and risk management specializations. We have placements in all of these fields, and others.

This activity is a very important one for the M.Stat student, and effort should begin in this regard as soon as the student arrives at Rice. The career counseling overview sessions and employer interviewing and on-campus recruitment activities start very soon after the school year begins, so it is essential that you get established with the appropriate career counseling services prior to these sessions. Note that employers looking to hire for the upcoming May graduates or summer internships will normally be recruiting in the fall.

A successful career entry depends on your use of Rice's Center for Career Development (CCD), Personal Networking, and Departmental Opportunities. It takes a systematic approach to efficiently deal with the vast array of (usually online) job resource opportunities. We strongly encourage all students to avail themselves of Rice's Center for Career Development (CCD), and make an appointment with an advisor as soon as possible. They provide Career counseling, Instructional sessions, Resources and On-Campus Recruiting and Recruiting Events for both Full-time and internship placement.

You should also avail yourself of the many networking opportunities available while you are at Rice and in the Department. There are two professional associations, both of which provide student membership at very low prices ($15/yr for ASA, and FREE for IMS), to which you should belong after you complete your degree. There are also a local chapters of these associations which provide meeting opportunities and a forum for local statisticians, with social events and lectures/networking.

American Statistical Association (ASA) www.amstat.org
Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) www.imstat.org
Houston Area Chapter of ASA (HACASA)
Conference of Texas Statisticians (COTS)

Additionally, there are institutes and initiatives at Rice with industry, the same industry partners who wish to hire M.Stat graduates.

Rice K2I - Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology, focusing on high-performance computing and computational science and engineering. Rice K2I
Rice Alliance - Incubation and Startup collaboration. Rice Alliance

For a complete listing of these organizations, please see engineering.rice.edu/research.

Here is a sample of new graduate M.Stat student resumes collected over the years.

Here is an unofficial list of graduate statistics jobs, caveat emptor.