Political Networks of Companies - Graphics and Data AS SUBMITTED to FPA

Consolidated data
Self-rank Correlations
by 2003 Revenue
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Old Data

Consolidated data (NEW)

These are the NEW SAS graphs (gif's) for all data. They are all slightly different from the "old" data.

Correlations of Consolidated data ToP

Numerical correlations of Senate and House activities with the self-ranked high/low Predictors. These include the intimacy variables now, too. NOTE: Due to data entry inconstency, DO NOT USE previous versions of this data. Confidence intervals on these correlations need to be constructed.

Intimacy Measures ToP

These include the 3 intimacy measures for the Senate and the House...

By 2003 Revenue ($M) ToP

These have been updated for the new data.......

by SIC (major group - NEW) ToP

NOTE: The thumbnails are the old data, but the underlying images are the new data...

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