STAT 600: Graduate Seminar

Keck 101 – M: 1-1:50pm

Fall 2004




James Thompson
Phone:  (713) 348-4828
Office Location:  2085 Duncan Hall


Course Description:








The graduate seminar in statistics is a professional preparatory course required for graduate students in statistics. Students in the course are required to attend and participate, through active questioning and commentary, in our departmental colloquium. In the graduate student presentation portion of this course, students are required to make a formal presentation of notable statistical papers, their own work, or present a solution to a pre-specified statistical Ph.D. level question.

The objective of this course is to develop students' knowledge in statistics as well as communication skills and confidence with public presentations.


*** NOTE: Executive summaries are expected to be done THROUGH 11/29/04.

* Hand in final executive summary to Leticia or put in Dr. Thompson’s mailbox.


List of Lectures


August 23, 2004                    Lecture by Dr. Thompson - Person Index (ppt file)

August 30, 2004                    – Dr. Thompson continues his lecture about the history of statistics

September 6, 2004              – LABOR DAY (No classes)

September 13, 2004            – David Rossell and Hanane Jabri present What is the probability the sun will rise tomorrow? (ppt file)

·        Solution to question is forthcoming…Solution is here! (pdf file)

September 20, 2004            – COFES

September 27, 2004            – Galen Papkov and Lada Kyj present MLE vs. MoM (ppt file)

October 4, 2004                    – Shannon Neeley and Jenny Zhang present on Utility Theory (ppt file)

October 11, 2004                  – MID-TERM RECESS (No classes)

October 13, 2004 (Wed.)     – Jamie Chatman and Charlotte Hsieh present on Zea Mays Data

October 18, 2004                  – Darrin Gershman and David Wilkerson present on Poisson Processes

October 25, 2004                  – Hongxiao Zhu and Teddy Petrou present on Gauss and the Method of Least Squares (ppt file)

November 1, 2004                – Colleen Kenney and Teresa Wollscheid present on Likelihood Ratio Test (ppt file)

November 8, 2004                – Deborah Goldwasser presents Linkage Analysis in Genetics

November 15, 2004              – Jamie Chatman will present on The effects of race, ethnicity, and nativity on asthma

November 22, 2004              – Galen Papkov will present on Data Mining and ICA (ppt)

November 29, 2004              – Lecture by Dr. Thompson


Colloquium Schedule


August 23, 2004                    – none

August 30, 2004                    Wayne X. Shandera, Baylor College of Medicine, presents AIDS 23 years into the outbreak: why

is the pandemic not contained? (Shandera's AIDS outbreak)

September 6, 2004              – LABOR DAY (No classes)

September 13, 2004            Anthony J. Elam, Rice University, presents Gaming - A Brief History and Overview

September 20, 2004            – CoFES Conference

September 27, 2004            Barry Brown, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, presents Economic Analysis of Screening for Cervical


October 4, 2004                    Roberto Guttierez, STATA

October 11, 2004                  – MID-TERM RECESS (No classes)

October 18, 2004                  Andrew Meade

October 25, 2004                  William Wojciechowski, Rice University

October 28, 2004                  Howard Morgan - Distinguished Lecturer. 4-5 McMurtry Auditorium

November 1, 2004                H. Joseph Newton, Texas A&M, presents A Brief History of ARIMA Type Modeling

November 8, 2004                Edward P. Richards, Louisiana State University Law Center, presents Modeling Bioterrorism: How do we

determine real risks of smallpox?

November 15, 2004              – Linda Driskill, Rice University

November 22, 2004              – Henry Braun, Educational Testing Service

November 29, 2004              – Rick Stoll, Baker Institute - Rice University

December 3, 2004               – LAST DAY OF CLASSES

December 6, 2004               – Michael Trossett