Statistics 410: Statistical Computing and Linear Models

Time & Location: TTh 9:25AM-10:40AM HB21

Required Text: Applied Linear Statistical Models (4th ed), by Neter, Kutner, Nachtsheim, and Wasserman.

Supplementary Text: Modern Applied Statistics with S-Plus (3rd ed), by Venables and Ripley.

Instructor: Keith A. Baggerly

Office: 2100 DH

phone: 5282 (longphone: +1-713-348-5282)



50% Homework: assigned approximately weekly on Thursday, due following Thursday. There will be a 20% deduction for each late day after the deadline. You are allowed to allowed to collaborate with your classmates on the homework problems. Homework Problems will require the use of S-Plus, MATLAB or a similar computational engine.

50% Exams: there will be two exams, one roughly at midterm, and the other at the end of the semester. The exams will be take-home, and will have a computer component to them. I reserve the right to turn the second exam into a report (I will discuss this in class).

Data & Code:

I will use this location to post large data sets that we will analyze (to remove the need for typing everything in). I will also occasionally post snippets of code here (with comments) to illustrate aspects of S-plus or Matlab.

Data for Homework #1

Data for Homework #2

Data for Homework #3

Data from class, Feb 15

Data for Homework #4

Data from class, Feb 24

Data for Homework #5

Data for Homework #6


All graded homeworks will be in a box outside of 2100 Duncan Hall.

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