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Chirping Train of Probes
[cached Feb 2005]
[talk PAM2003]
PathChirp is a new active probing tool for estimating the available bandwidth on a communication network path. Based on the concept of ``self-induced congestion,'' PathChirp features an exponential flight pattern of probes we call a chirp.
Vinay Ribeiro,
Ryan King, Niels Hoven,

Advisors: R. BaraniukR. Riedi

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Spatio-temporal probing scheme
[cached Feb 2005]
[talk BWest2004]
STAB is a new active probing tool for locating thin links on a network path. A thin link is a link with less available bandwidth than all links preceding it on the path. STAB combines the concept of "self-induced congestion", the probing technique of "packet tailgating", and special probing trains called "chirps" (see pathChirp).
Vinay Ribeiro,

Advisors: R. BaraniukR. Riedi

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Scaling plot

 [contact author]
This software produces a non-parametric estimate of the range of existing moments of a distribution from samples. The estimates are obtained as slopes in logarithmic plot of the convolution of the given data with a particular kernel against the logarithm of the width of the kernel. The theoretical background makes use of Wavelets.
P. Gonçalvès
  (INRIA Rhone-Alpes, France)
In collaboration with
R. Riedi

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Infinitely Divisible Cascade (Noise)

Infinitely Divisible Random Walk

[cached site
tar file, Feb 2005]
First version CPC [Matlab, cached May 2002]
Extended version for IDC [Matlab, cached February 2005]
This software produces stationary, positive traces with prescribed scaling properties as well as the corresponding Brownian random walk which has uncorrelated, yet dependent increments.
Pierre Chainais,
Universite Blaise Pascal, France

in Collaboration with
R. Riedi and
Patrice Abry, ENS Lyon

bug reports: Pierre Chainais


Traffic decomposition
[Cached Site]
[contact authorl for an alpha version]
This software decomposes network traffic on the connection level into alpha and beta traffic.<>
Beta traffic constitutes the main load, is long range dependent and canbe well approximated by fractional Gaussian noise.
Alpha traffic is agressive. Though produced by only few connections it is entirely responsible for bursty (non-Gaussian) statistics of network traffic and is a main cause for the disruptions in performance.

Shriram Sarvotham

R. Baraniuk, R. Riedi

Synthetic Trace
[cached Feb 2005]
This software produces synthetic positive multifractal long-range-dependent  data traces which match the variance on all dyadic scales of a given input trace.<> It has successfully been applied to network traffic modeling and has great potential for applications in turbulence and economics.
Matthew Crouse,
Vinay Ribeiro,

 R. Baraniuk, R. Riedi

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Comments: R. Riedi, February 2005