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We take joy in all things, Jake's friends and our firends have been a blessing to us. IF you have an update, baby's birth, marraige, happy event, event you would like to share.. email us -

For all you out there having these sweet new babies.. ever heard of gDiapers?

April and Pat Fraser, Nolan David Fraser, born 8:03 am 1/16/10, 9 lbs 3 oz, 21 inches

Jen and Brett Chamberlain, Hadley Chamberlain, just about a week old!


dot The Jacob S. Siefert '01 Memorial Corps Chaplain Endowed Scholarship. Because of the generosity of so many people, the first scholarship will be offered fall of '08. The endowment means that the scholarship will be offered in perpetuity (for a long time, basically). We have been in contact with the chaplains at A&M.

We will continue to contribute to the scholarship, the bigger the endowment, the more generous the scholarship but we also hope that Crede Deo will affect other students in other insitutions as we seek ways to support education.

Direct questions about the scholarship can be directed to Brian Bishop, Development Officer, Corps of Cadets Phone: - 979- 458-1689 Email:

We are in the process of creating a board of advisors, Jacob's Ladder. These are men and women to whom the scholarship recipient will have access to for advice on faith, sucess, and integrity as they navigate university. Jake would have liked this! Check this page for news and updates on progress!

Contributions should be sent to Texas A&M Foundation, 401 George Bush Drive, College Station, Texas 77840-2811.
In the memo line write, Jacob Samuel Siefert. Other questions you may contact Johnathan Siefert, 713-884-0325. Thanks to everyone for your support.


Aggie Corner: Aggies and their families need our prayers.
Lt Jeremy Ray


Need Dry Ice!!? Call Jake's Corp Buddy Jesse and "A Dry Ice Company"


Special Request: Jake's friend Mark Miller has asked me to pass this along. (Jake was Mark's band manager for the 7 months after his return from Iraq.) Jake loved music and the bond he and Mark had was forged at least in part in sharing the joy of writing music.

From Mark: I am thinking about a new song idea regarding Jake and his influence on his friends. I want to gather stories from Jakes friends of how he directly or indirectly influenced their life in any way. Please send an email with any stories for any memories or instances you are willing to share.


dot Need updates from all of you out there!


dot Jake's website beforeOctober 20, 2005, for the year 2006


dot Janet's men's link


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dot every WEEK!

Memorial Day, 2010
by Silent Bob
I grieve over the loss of every one of the American  military and civilians that are a result of the War on Terrorism. It is a terrible toll of  America’s finest. The blood our heroes shed is the price paid for our Freedom and way of life. As much as I wish none of our sons and daughters had to or will have to give their lives, they have and they will again.
What would have happened in Korea in 1950-1953 if the conflict occurred in the modern information age. Remember that five years earlier the Second World War had come to an end with unthinkable loss of life and national sacrifice.The United States participated with the USSR, the United Kingdom and France in dividing up control of Europe and Korea esssentially by what areas each country’s forces had liberated from the Germans, Italians and Japanese. Where the USSR controlled they instilled communist regimes.
When the north invaded the south, I can see endless talking heads espousing the intellectual arguments against intervening in a civil war, how we shouldn’t be involved. Our motives would have been questioned by the media and the expert they would find to support their view of the truth.
We might not have defended the artificially created South Korean nation from the equally artificial North Korean government. Had we not the entire Korean peninsula would be as bankrupt and desperate as North Korea is now. There would be no vibrant economy as the one in South Korea today. The cost was over 38,000 American dead in the four year war. A terrible toll, but the results for the world and millions of South Koreans reinforces the fact that the sacrifice was worthwhile.
So on this Memorial Day, I thank the men and women of the United States Military for their sacrifices made to protect our nation in the past, the present, and most assuredly again in the future.



dot Jake, founder of The Solas Group, was passionate about new opportunities. One day you may see his and Josh's dream for a restaurant or bar listed here. Until then... We are happy to report that Sola Gratia Logistics, LLC covering intrastate hot-shot needs, has completed three full year + of business! . Watch them grow!


dot Crede Deo - Places to make a difference. The Solas Group has a philanthropic entity, so check out opportunities here to be a part of the vision of making a difference.. For a more random and eclectic listing of people who we think deserve some attention for their desire to make a difference..

Fort Hood Soldier keeping soldiers safe.


dot Did you ever wonder "what the heck is all this solas stuff?!" It was Jake unobtrusively acknowledging and proclaiming his faith...

"Sola Gratia"

Ephesians 2:1-10

By Grace alone (Sola gratia),
through Faith alone(Sola fide),
in Christ alone (Sola Christus),
according to Scripture alone (Sola Scriptura), for God's Glory alone (Sola Deo Gloria)

Crede Deo - trust in God

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Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13
If anyone has pictures, updated information, addresses, others to add, please email them to
Drop a line, pray, or email to any of those serving!

Cafe Paris - Some of the National Guard will be deploying again ( know Jake's buddy Garrett will be).. go here to see how one of Janet's high school classmates, Kenny Daus and his family, and others are helping with some of our National Guard fellows who will be leaving for Iraq soon.. God bless.


dotWe honor those who are serving our country ... we are praying daily for

Pat Ferguson,
Jake's friend from Guard, deploying to Middle east soon.

Manuel Garcia In Iraq.

Cameron Wilson, reporting for duty, US Navy, March 2nd.

SPC. Matthew Franklin

Redgie Daus - Iraq, HOME on leave!!

Scott Garrett - Iraq (Jake's buddy when he went to Iraq)

Joshua P. Droz - Afghanistan..Morrow donor to Aggie LeAnn Scott

1st Lt Michelle Campos - deployed to Afghanistan

Captain Chris Brawley - deployed to Afghanistan

David Moran , back from in country.... home, safe and sound!

Lt Dan Moran - injured
3644 Binz-Engelman Road, No 5105
San Antonio, Texas 78219
for his talk at church go to for his wife's blog..

2LT Josh Siefert HOME!!!

John Wilkinson is BACK HOME! The VFA-211 Checkmates

HM3 Jeff Wright
VMGR-352 Det. A
UIC 41147
FPO AP 96426-1147

Cpl Melvin Miller
MAG-39 S-4
Box 555750
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055

Cpt Ryan Renkin - Camp Roberts, CA

1Lt Michael Adams - the ultimate sacrifice, March 16, 2004. Jake's convoy was escorting and Jake was one of the first responders. Jake wrote about this in his journal and prayed continuously for him and this family although he didn't know his name. We do now and we still pray.

1Lt Jeremy E. Ray - the ultimate sacrifice, 3rd ACR, December 20, 2007, Kanaan, Iraq.

Sergeant First Class Jonathan A. Lowery - the ultimate sacrifice, 3rd ACR, of Houlton, Maine, who died on December 14th in Mosul, Iraq.


Staff Sgt Brian Craig, the ultimate sacrifice, 4/16/2002.


Capt. Chad Ogden - Marines, in cournty

1Lt Joe Trevnio - Corp buddy, in country flying helicopters
C Co 1-149th ARB
APO AE 09391

Capt. David Fraser - the ultimate sacrifice, contribution in memory of David can be made to The Captain David Fraser Memorial Scholarship Fund may be sent to P. O. Box 680132 Houston, Texas, 77268-0132. Honored with a memorial flag pole at TOPS Surgery.


2LT Sarah Frederickson
Safely back in the states!!

Jake's A1 Corp of Cadets buddies:
Peter Wetterauer
PJ Englebrecht
Will Oliver
Justin Tice
Bert Walker
TJ Saari

dot I Believe....


dotMy Sweet Lord


dotThe Lights of That City.....


dotAmazing Grace - Louis Armstrong



dotWhy Me, Lord- Kris Kristofferson



dotRecipe for a sore heart- Work in Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuilla to donate computers and bicycles.


dot Mark Miller Country - Jake's friend and country singer. Jake spent a lot of time and effort as Mark's manager..

There is nothing in the world so much like prayer as music is. ~William P. Merrill




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The second cadet recipient of the Jake Siefert Corp Chaplain scholarship is Cadet Bradford Barrett

2006 Golf Tourney MOVIE!!
view with Explorer... 2007 soon!

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