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See the Clinton/Trump Election upset Continuation Rally!
See the Brexit Continuation Rally!
See the "Must be no other asset class"Continuation Rally!
See the Boston Bombing Continuation Rally!
See the 2013 Sequestration Continuation Rally!
See the Nuclear Japan Earthquake Continuation Rally!
      See the Asia Tsunami Continuation Rally!
      See the London bombing Continuation Rally!
    and the Hurricane Katrina Continuation rally!
  and the "White House Crisis"Continuation Rally!
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For beef quotes goto CME For pork bellies goto CME

An extensive list of trading symbols available from most of the major futures exchanges is available here.

DJIA Futures (CME - formerly at the CBOT) available CBOT DJIA ; this site includes the new DJ sector indices (transportation, utility, etc.) futures contracts. Used to be free realtime but they stopped that.

5-min CME Globex futures (Indices, currencies, and weather products) Quotes Note that during RTH (regular trading hours), only the "mini" contracts are updated on Globex quotes.

Meats, lumber and dairy are on the RTH CME link, Grains, etc. at CBOT, and metals, energies, etc. are at NYMEX/COMEX. You may notice that all these links are now subsumed at the CME website!

Various quoteboards are available, nowadays INO's Quoteboard should be sufficient for delayed futures quotes.

BEYOND COHERENCE: "Never cross a river because it is on average 4 feet deep." (Nassim Taleb ). The VAR world according to Hoyle may be found through Zvi Weiner's VaR list-of-lists for quantative risk managment.

Committment of Trader charts or make them yourself with data from the "horse's mouth" at CFTC's website. Don't you wish we would develop something like this for equities? Note that a Google search on "Committment of Trader" AND stocks gives 1 result [7/31/04].Release schedule (also available in the Calendars section)

AgManager Commodities Data


Sorry, Waldemar's List is off the air, at least I am acknowledging this. In place of this timeless piece of retail futures folklore, we are providing a much more practical source, Richard Daughty's writings archive.

Domadaran's website at NY University

Economic Calendar for THIS WEEK; More "economic," 2-Week Calendars with futures contract expirations are here.   Realtime world Currency Calendar 1 | Currency Calendar 2
The CFTC COT report schedule is here. For equities-only users, see briefing.com.

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