Hsi Guang Sung

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Hsi Guang Sung, Ph.D.
Department of Statistics
Rice University
Office: 713-348-2695
Fax: 713-348-5476
Email: hgsung@stat.rice.edu
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Duncan Hall 2077
6100 Main St.
Department of Statistics
Rice University
Houston, TX 77005

Brief History

Curriculum Vitae [ pdf]

Research Interests

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0. Sung, H.G. (2004) Gaussian Mixture Regression and Classification. Ph.D. Dissertation, Rice University. [ pdf]

1. Thall, P.F. and Sung, H.G. (1998) Some extensions and applications of a bayesian strategy for monitoring multiple outcomes in clinical trials. Statistics in Medicine 17: 1563-1580.

2. Thall, P.F., Estey, E.H., and Sung, H.G. (1999). A new statistical method for dose-finding based on efficacy and toxicity in early phase clinical trials. Investigational New Drugs 17: 155-167.

3. Thall, P.F., Millikan, R., and Sung, H.G. (2001). Evaluating multiple treatment courses in clinical trials. Statistics in Medicine 19: 1011-1028.

4. Thall, P.F., Hsi Guang Sung, and Choudhury, A. (2001) Dose-finding based on feasibility and toxicity in T-cell infusion trials. Biometrics 57: 914-921.

5. Thall, P.F., Hsi Guang Sung, and Estey, E.H. (2002) Selecting therapeutic strategies based on efficacy and death in multi-course clinical trials. Journal of the American Statistical Association 97: 29-39.

6. Thall, P.F., Sung, H.G., and Estey, E.H. (2002) Multi-course treatment strategies in clinical trials of rapidly fatal diseases. Invited paper, Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics VI , Carnegie Mellon University: 33-69. [ download ]

Software Packages Developed

1. MULTC99[download]: A C program that performs the design and simulation for sequential multiple outcomes monitoring clinical trials.

2. EFFTOX99[download] : a software for the design and simulation of the phase I dose-finding clinical trials which monitor efficacy and toxicity simultaneously.

3. DAGS: an implementation of the Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithm for the Bayesian model averaging of direct acyclic graph models.