Dr. Rudolf H. Riedi

Associate Professor
Dept. of Statistics,
Rice University, MS 138
6100 Main Street
Houston, TX 77251-1892
       voice: (713) 348 3020
fax:     (713) 348 5476
dept:   (713) 348 6032
email:  riedi@rice.edu
office: Duncan Hall 2082

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  My research pursues mathematical and statistical objectives of evolutionary processes with scaling properties and their applications to communication networks, economical systems and turbulence.

  Courses I taught in the past include Applied Stochastic Processes, Fractal Processes, Applied Probability, Information Theory and Stochastic Differential equations. The most recent courses are STAT552 (Applied Stochastic Processes) as well as a section of STAT551 (Advanced Topics in Time Series) on Multiscale Statistics Fall 06 and Mathematical Probability II STAT582 Spring 07.

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