ECON 504: Advanced Economic Statistics

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8/23/11: WELCOME to ECON 504! We are meeting in BB 271; we will be using OWLSpace for this website. Please see link above. I may post things here for emergency backup and reference. If you have not had a calculus-based probability and statistics course, please contact me and your advisor as soon as possible.

Homework Assignments

Lecture Notes

There are currently not published lecture notes for the course this year. I am providing printed lecture notes from the course when it was taught in previous years. We will be following the text and Dr. Sickles notes provided herein.

Dr. Sickle's Course. Accessible treatment of both probability and statistics. This is a zipfile, you might want to "save-as."

Price-Volume Distribution

Relationships of various distributions.

Useful Texts

Elementary Economic Statistics.

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