Supplemental Resources and Data for Statisticians

Directions to Dr. Dobelman's Rice University offices - these may be a bit out of date but they should get you in the vicinity. Note that "they" have renumbered the entrances. #1 is still the main, front entrance to the Univeristy. Jones School Office      Duncan Hall Office

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  • Rice Statistics Department

  • Professional Master in Statistics (M.Stat) Website  |   M.Stat Interim Website

  • List of Useful Textbooks

  • 10 Simple Rules for Statisticians

  • APA Citation Style | APA/MFA/CMS Style Comparison

  • Statistical Glossaries

  • SPC Glossary
  • Glossary DOE/ANOVA w/SPC flavor
  • Glossary DOE/ANOVA.Stata
  • Glossary DOE/ANOVA.Cardinal
  • Extensive glossary (Statsoft)
  • Distribution Reference

  • Geyer's "Brand Name" Distributions Basic but includes MVN, Multivariate T, etc. No MGF/c.f.

  • Distributions Handbook. Univ. Stockholm's ( Handy reference for experimentalists of the major and not-so-popular statistical distributions (rev. 10/2007). With clickable index! (Also see item (4) below for additional distribution references.)

  • Distributions Handbook ( No c.f./MGF but estimation, RN generation and applications

  • Overview and helpful plots of major continuous distributions.

  • More
  • Online Statistics and MathStat Resources

  • Topics and Code and Data  mostly Charlie Geyer's course materials; accessible level, >120 topics.

  • Little Handbook of Statistical Practice. by Gerald Dallal of Tufts U, with examples from nutrition and medicine.

  • Statistical topics, many of which are usually omitted. A few more topics and higher-level treatment, but still not too theoretical.

  • Statistical Analysis Handbook. Nice hyperlink topics, (c) 2015 Dr M J de Smith

  • Karl Wuensch's Statistics Lessons. Useful monographs, very accessible. Again, the idea is to present fundamental applied concepts to maintain perspective.

  • Hyperstat Online Textbook   This is Dr. David Lane's website, it has excellent online textbook for basic statistical concepts in case you need a refresher.

  • Online Statistics (almost) A lot of what you need to know about basic statistics.

  • Yet Another Online Statistics. Nice treatment and good mathematical notation. Still introductory level.

  • NIST Statistics Handbook e-Handbook of Statistical Methods NIST, aimed at science and engineering.

  • Stats without Tears by Stan Brown

  • Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics  Simulations/Demonstrations, Java applets that demonstrate various statistical concepts; many case studies and examples of real data with analyses and interpretation, and some basic statistical visual analysis tools.

  • UAH Virtual Lab in Statistics. Another excellet site for topics and applets
  • Online Mathematics Resources

  • Vector Calculus UG level (Oregon State)
  • Textbook Websites

  • Textbook Applets/Simulations  Online applets and simulations from Moore & McCabe's textbook website.

  • Other Textbook Materials  Moore & McCabe's textbook website with data, examples, helps, etc.

  • Groebner Textbook Materials  Groebner, textbook website with data, examples, helps, etc.

  • Moore, Concepts and Controversies Textbook Materials  Moore's interesting bookdata, examples, helps, etc.

  • Albright, Winston, & Zappe Textbook website

    1. R/S+ Reference & Helpfiles

      R Syntax Examples (cheatsheet)

      R GLM/ANOVA (cheatsheet)

      Cookbook R

      Introduction to R 

      Site of Sites for R

      Efficient R

      R Function of the Day!

      Quick-R: accessing the power of R

      R - Venebles and Smith (Latest at CRAN)

      R Hints   CRAN documents on intro to R, R basics, and Financial Applications

      S Users Guide  A complete GUI guide to S+ (ver8), with some command line.

      Modeling Financial Time Series with S-PLUSŪ, Second Edition  Book website and Code

    2. Sample Spreadsheet techniques

      Excel Statistics Guide  useful introduction to getting quantitative work done in Excel.

      Excel 2013 Tutorials

      Excel tutorials (2010-centric)


      Excel Hints (Zivot's)  Computational Finance and Financial Econometrics.

      regression.xls  Illustrates simple univariate LS regression calulcations in Excel.

      simulation.xls  Illustrates simulation using Excel

      boxplot.xls  Setup for the Bruynell Boxplot Solution, with instructions.

    3. Datasets and Reference

      Groebner Book Data  unzip and you're ready to go!
      A Million Random Digits  From RAND corp (whose name came from Research And Development).   For random digits (binary, hex, integers)
      10,000 Random Numbers  Caution! Opens an .xls spreadsheet with 10,000 standard normals, 2 different URN generators; more to come.

    4. Important Papers and Monographs

    5. Statistics and Economics Qualifier Review Papers to review for qualifying exams in Statistics and Econometrics.
      Kurtosis and Skew  Calculation and interpretation of the third and fourth (standardized) moments
      Intuition for Kurtosis and Skew
      Standard Errors and CI for Sample Kurtosis and Skew Avoid pitfalls of standard assumptions
      Elementary Primer on Hypothesis testing  (with examples)
      Simlation of Independence of Sample Mean and Variance   Did you know these were independent?

    6. Tables, Cheatsheets and Reference

    7. Relationship of Some Discrete Distributions  Kendall's chart
      Relationship of Distributions  Casella & Berger's Adaptation of Leemis
      Clickable diagram of distribution relationships  Also Follow @ProbFact on Twitter to get one probability fact per day
      Intense chart of Relationships of distributions by Leemis, the 2008 revision. The authors posting is here.
      Table of Common Distributions (Casella & Berger Table), with MGF
      Probability Distributions (online). Web-based gallery. No CF/MGF stuff here, just the moments.
      Probability Distributions (Wikipedia). Web-based gallery, loads slow. Nice pictures.
      Probability Distribution Compendium. PDF file available for download. No CF/MGF.

      Diagram of relationships in probabilistic convergence Relationship between major modes of convergence
      **WIP** Handy Analysis Results Easy-to-forget results from Math, Calculus, and Complex Analysis
      Handy Lebesque Measure Primer Only R1, but hey, its well-done and only 4 pages!
      Handy Math (Mostly Rn Derivatives) And some of our notation for Linear Algebra
      Handy Probability and Inequalities Expectation, Fatou, MCT, DCT, Fubini, Inequalities (thanks to Robert Wolpert at Duke)
      Useful Calculations, Identities, and Manipulations Helpful relationships between population and sample results, distributions, etc.
      Handy Large Sample Results (Need to update but better than usual; sorry I don't recall who put this together....)
      Standard Regularity Conditions for Statistics (with some for math, too!)
      Handy List of Statistical Limit Results (Application of the regularity document.)

      Top Inequalities for a PhD Student Professor DasGupta's (Purdue) List of important statistical inequalities
      CSU Essays:   Greek alphabet, Poisson/Exponential, etc.
      Handy Summary of Basic Mathematical Statistics course. Great for A-Exam study

      Standard Normal (Z) Table Left-tail values
      t-distribution critical values Right- and two-tail values
      Chi-square distribution critical values Right-tail values

      Elementary Analysis ("Pre-Calc") Cheatsheets
      Common Test Statistics and Their Distributions (Handy Cookbook test stats)
      Example Hypothesis Test, with confidence interval, and power calculation
      Very OLS Regression Cheat Sheet
      Purdue's Discrete Distribution Formulae
      ANOVA Sources of Variation

    8. Math Resources

    9. Abramowitz and Stegun  NIST's update, now called NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions, for the "Occasional Computer"
      Lozier's History of the Handbook  Milton Abramowitz and Irene A. Stegun, eds., Handbook of Mathematical Functions With Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables, NBS Applied Mathematics Series 55, National Bureau of Standards, Washington, DC (1964).
      Applied Probability  Dr. Pfeiffer's notes on probability theory
      Mathematics Notes Collection.  Includes measure theory and integration   K-12 But useful
      Various Cheatsheets (non-theoretical math)

    10. Physical Constants and Conversion Factors.  You are either looking for factors for [SI] units, "conversion factors" (volume: teaspoon <-> grams of a particular substance) or physical constants, such as molar volume of ideal gas (273.15 K, 100 kPa), Value 22.710 981 x 10-3 m3 mol-1. There are a million sites out there, but why not go to the source, NIST (Formerly National Bureau of Standards). NOTE: The 11th General Conference on Weights and Measures (1960) adopted the name Systeme International d'Unites (International System of Units, international abbreviation SI), for the recommended practical system of units of measurement. See Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM).

    11. Conversion Factors
      Acceleration, Angle, Area And Second Moment Of Area, Capacity (See Volume), Density (That Is, Mass Density), Electricity And Magnetism, Energy (Includes Work), Flow, Force, Force Divided By Area (Pressure), Heat, Length, Light, Mass And Moment Of Inertia, Permeability, Power, Pressure Or Stress (Force Divided By Area), Radiology, Stress (See Pressure), Temperature, Time, Torque (See Moment Of Force), Velocity (Includes Speed), Viscosity, Volume (Includes Capacity), Volume Divided By Time (Includes Flow), Work (See Energy)
      NISC Constants
      alpha particle, Angstrom star, atomic mass constants, atomic unit of energy/force/momentum, etc., Bohr, Boltzmann, deuteron, electron mass, Faraday, helion mass, hertz-kilogram relationship, joule-kelvin relationship, kilogram-hertz relationship, molar mass, muon-tau mass ratio, natural units, neutron, Newtonian, Planck, proton, Rydberg, speed of light in vacuum, standard, Stefan-Boltzmann, Thomson, unified, von Klitzing, etc.
      Physical Constants, downloadable ASCII List of all
      Download SI tables, methodology

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