STAT 385: Methods Of Data Analysis And System Optimization

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8/1/18: WELCOME to STAT 385!   Please note that we WILL be using Canvas for this course; a login link is at the top and to the right. This page is maintained for backup purposes.

Homework Assignments

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Homework 0 (optional): Due 8/23/18 (in class) - "Statistics in the News," good for 1 point on final course grade.

Write a little report summarizing an example of statistics in the news.  To receive credit, your example must
        (1) state the 'headline';
        (2) summarize the data, with an explanation for the data presentation technique you chose;
        (3) state and evaluate/critique the claim;
        (4) include the citation;
        (5) paper must be NO MORE THAN 1 PAGE - this includes all graphs and references! Only the first page will be graded; therefore, do NOT make a cover page.

To receive full credit, your paper must be well-written and something you might submit to the news source.  I.e., poorly-written papers with typos, punctuation and grammar errors will only earn partial credit.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ - Homework and Lab Policy   The rules for homework and other submissions are fairly strict. Please familiarize yourself with these.

Laboratory/Team Project Assignments


Occasionally a dedicated Lab will be assigned. Weekly lab time is set aside for you to work on and receive help on homework and team projects.

Team Project.

There will be at least one team project. You will be expected to turn in a written report, and provide a team oral presentation during class. In some instances, you may be allowed to pick your team, and in others will be assigned. The size of each team will be limited to an appropriate number.

Lecture Notes

Price-Volume Distribution

Relationships of various distributions.

Useful Texts

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Other Resources (Click Here)

  • Other Important Links (Albright, Winston, & Zappe Textbook, and Excel textbook sites)

    VM Software Notes. Needed to access StatTools away from Rice or on a Mac.

    VDI (VM) Software Installation Instructions. Detailed installation instructions for the Virtual Machine (VM) access program.

    Textbook Software Download  This is the software Winston & Zappe, 6th Edition, 4th Edition, and the Revised 3rd Edition textbook, i.e., the software for Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. Note that we generally no longer use the 4th and 3rd edition at all. You will need the textbook index in order to satisfy the challenge question. The indexes are posted on the Canvas site in case you need them.

    Authors' Website  Useful stuff here, including ERRATA for all the versions. We are using the 6th Edition, vice the 4th and Revised Third edition.

    Textbook Website (6th ed.)  Sales site for the 6th edition with other student resources. There are some supplements and a link to the authors website.

    Textbook Data (6e)  Student resources; see left frame and click for student downloads and other resrouces.

    Excel 2013 Textbook Website  Liengme, B: A Guide to Microsoft Excel 2013 for Scientists and Engineers: helpful various code used in the text.

    Kamakura's Analytic Tools for Excel  Suite of Excel add-ins contains a collection of analytic tools developed over the years. MBA level tools and analysis.

    Dr. Dobelman's Downloads