STAT 482/682: Quantitative Financial Analytics

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8/21/17: WELCOME to STAT 482/682! We will be using Canvas for this website, please see link above. We will use this site for emergency and other resources.

Homework Assignments

Homework 0: Syllabus Review. Due 9/1/17. Our first assignment (good for one point on the final course grade) is to read and critique the course syllabus, available here at Dr. Dobelman's website and on Canvas. Prepare a no more then 2-page analysis of the syllabus. You should summarize what you believe are the most important points as well as your recommendations to improve the syllabus. Be sure and turn in your report in hard copy as well as on Canvas. Remember that Professional Standards apply on this and all assignments (see syllabus).

The remainder of the homeworks and projects will be assigned via Canvas.

Reading Assignments

Lecture Notes

Price-Volume Distribution

Relationships of various distributions.

Useful Statistical Finance Texts

Useful Statistics/Probability Background Texts

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