STAT 482/682: Quantitative Financial Analytics

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8/24/21: WELCOME to STAT 482/682! We will be using Canvas for this website, please see link above. We will use this site for emergency and other resources.

Homework Assignments

Homework 0: Finance in the News. Due 8/31/21.

A large part of Fundamental Analysis is understanding the accounting and fiscal ratios of a company. The other aspect of Fundamental Analysis is understanding the landscape in which these companies grow and compete. To assist you in the second aspect, you will submit a short report on a news bite, article, or opinion piece of your choice. The story does not need to be explicitly about finance; however, if it is not, then please explain the economic or financial implications of the story. In keeping with the philosophy of this course, you must find an article which raises concepts with which you are not familiar. You should then explain and interpret the story, not just summarize it.

Your submission should be one to two short paragraphs, and never more than one page including graphs, etc. We WILL NOT READ past the 3rd paragraph (or first page, whichever comes first). Be sure and provide your name and the due date of the report. You do not need a title page, but should still present your work tidily; obviously these reports need to be TYPEWRITTEN. This assignment will be due at the beginning of class next Tuesday. Late papers will NOT be accepted. DO NOT attach the news article, provide a reference/citation for it. Now would be a good time to review Professional Standards.

One can find such articles on the homepage of Google Finance, Yahoo Finance and so forth, or on specialty finance sites like Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, Zerohedge, etc. Obviously, we would prefer articles which focus on markets or major market players. It might be a good idea to pick a theme, such as a company or evolving global event, in order to deepen your understanding over the course of the term.

The remainder of the homeworks and projects will be assigned via Canvas.

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