INDE 571/STAT 571: Probability and Statistical Inference

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8/27/19: WELCOME to INDE 571/STAT 571!   We will be using Canvas for this website, please see link above. We will use this site for emergencies and to make other learning resources available.

Homework Assignments

Homework 0 - Is the Math Stat course obsolete? Due 9/3/19.    Optional - Good for 1 point final course credit

Please review the roundtable discussion from the American Statistical Association's 2003 Joint Statistical Meeting (JSM) on teaching mathematical statistics Summarize the three most important points that spoke to you and what you recommend doing about them. In a separate paragraph, outline your expectations for this course and when you need to get out of it. Your paper should be no more than 1 page, and written in a professional manner, with complete sentences, references, etc.

In order to receive credit for this assignment, you must submit it in writing before the COB as of the due date, and a copy posted online in Canvas. Failure to do both submissions will result in loss of credit.

Lecture Notes

Price-Volume Distribution

Relationships of various distributions.

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