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    TRACE Data Description Document

    Distribution of TRACE/Compustat Quarterly Debt Ratios for both the TRACE and the straightbond datasets.

    Distribution of maturities for the TRACE flat bond dataset.

    FIPS/TRACE Useable Symbol List & Unavailable Disposition Summary    If you'd like, check out the Full Background file on the oddballs.

  • Barrett

    Teaching Effectiveness Measure Ongoing discussion on approaches.

    Annotations on existing Communications Program Profile/Survey Data.

    Stuff for Dubai Trip. NOTE: Departure is not 3/17, Return is.

  • Schuler and Rehbein

    AOM 2006, Survey Data Project New 12/6/05

    Previous Version, FPA submission, etc. Also available as a link on the current version.

    Word Format for all the Tables (This is the raw data in word table format with mostly 1 inch margins...5/25/05

  • Zhang
  • cfa_board.status1.doc 12/17/04

    cfa_board.status2.doc 12/20/04

  • Davis & Leas
  • Go to the Email Intercultural Communications results page for the latest (February 2006):

                o results on Frequency;
                o Regression and Correlation analysis on Causes on response variable A19, Frequency of Communication Problems;
                o Revised Hypothesis 6: Frequency of Solution being SL, CW and CL. Here we present all solution effectiviness histograms to speak to the hypothesis that SL, CW and CL are used most frequently.

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