STAT 411/616: Advanced Statistical Methods

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1/26/21: WELCOME to STAT 411/616! We will be using Canvas for this website, please see link above. We will use this site for emergency and other resources.

Homework Assignments

Homework 1: Normality - Due 2/2/21 by 5:00 p.m. (CT), good for up to two points on the final course grade.

There are two articles on normality attached to this assignment. These are:
(1) "worrying about normality"
(2) "The importance of the Normality Assumption in Large Public Health Data Sets"

For either (1 point) or both (2 points) papers, prepare a no more then 2-page (excluding coverpage) analysis which skillfully answers the relevant thought questions posted on Canvas. This report will be subject to "Professional Standards" found on the course, websites, etc. The submission for the assignment should ultimately be in a single .pdf file, uploaded to Canvas with hard copy to the TA at or before the due date and time. Be sure and cite any articles you use, including the headliner article! If you wrote code to illustrate your points, you must include it in a separate appendix to your paper (in monospace font only).

Thought questions are posted on Canvas; articles are posted here to give you a head start on the reading.

Reading List

Lecture Notes

Other Resources (Click Here)

  • Sources of variation Handy summary of RSS, MST, SSE, d.f., etc., all those sum of squares that you can never rememebr.

  • Expected Mean Squares Cookbook (Compilation of steps necessary to calculate appropriate EMS)

  • Magic of MLE Normality (Charlie Geyer's take on MLE asymptotic normality)

  • SPC Glossary
  • Glossary ANOVA/ANCOVA by C.P. Doncaster and Andrew Davey
  • Glossary DOE/ANOVA w/SPC flavor
  • Glossary DOE/ANOVA.Stata
  • Glossary DOE/ANOVA.Cardinal
  • Dr. Dobelman's Downloads