All graded homeworks will be in a box outside of 2100 Duncan Hall.

Time & Location: TTh 10:50AM-12:05PM DH1070

Required Text: Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis (2nd ed),by John Rice.

Instructor: Keith A. Baggerly

Office: 2100 DH

phone: 5282 (longphone: +1-713-285-5282)



33% Homework: assigned approximately weekly on Thursday, due following Thursday. There will be a 20% deduction for each late day after the deadline. You are allowed to allowed to collaborate with your classmates on the homework problems.

33% Take-Home Midterm: this will be handed out on Tuesday, October 12, after class. Solutions are due back in class on Thursday, October 14. For the take home exam you may use your book and your lecture notes. Collaboration is not allowed.

33% Self-Scheduled Final. The Final will be open book and will cover the whole course with emphasis (about 75%) on the latter half.

Occasional Homework Problems may require the use of MATLAB or a similar computational engine to get the exact numerical answer (eg, problem 1.18 on the first homework). I regard such questions as fair game, so learn to use some package!

I conduct problem solving sessions once a week. These take place 4pm Sundays in DH 1070.